About Us

Ray Mirzabegian

A Ray Mirzabegian Project, CW CALIFORNIA INC offers Services, Distribution of Products, and Education about Alternative Treatments for many conditions especially Autism and Epilepsy. More and more people are now turning to Alternative and Complementary treatments due to severe and common side effects of Available medications or the inefficacy of them. Ray spent the last 12 years doing extensive research in hopes of treating his now 13 years old daughters Epilepsy. The research led to trying many conventional and alternative treatments in addition to several controversial procedures and treatments. The Journey: " When Emily was 5 months old she had her first seizure just few hours after her MMR Vaccination shots. This was an onset of a seizure disorder that for years to follow terrorized her and robbed her of her childhood. By the time Emily was 5 years old, she was having as many as 150 seizures per day. By 7 years old We'd ran out of options and the medical community had somewhat given up and we found ourselves desperately trying anything that was offered. At age of 7 we were told by the Neurologist to go home and enjoy our daughter as much as possible in a sense that time is running out and we're about to lose her. I remember desperately spending all of my time researching and reading and calling places in hopes of finding something magical and miraculous. I remember thinking why isn't there a place where a helpless parent can go to get support and answers and learn about options. Why isn't there a place besides the doctors office for a patient and family to get support and education on all various treatments that have worked and or failed across the world. By this time we'd tried everything one could imagine and some had helped a bit but others failed. Emily had tried and failed 13 Pharmaceutical drugs and was experiencing adverse side effects. This is when we turned all of our attention to Alternative treatments such as CBD and essential oils and Supplements and herbal and holistic treatments. We also started support groups which quickly attracted hundreds of members that started sharing data and valuable information. We started Documenting everything we or others in the groups had tried and through trial and error we were able to find products and services that helped. They helped us take our baby off of all of her medications and most importantly they helped improve her quality of life significantly. However I became very upset that we didn't know about these options and if we did there weren't any solid and or reputable sources or information, which is where the vision of creating this center was born. I don't want anyone to go through what many of us parents went through before we tried these treatments. I am dedicated to bringing together all the Alternative and Complementary options to treat Epilepsy and Autism under one roof and to offer research and education to parents or patients. To make sure that they know what has worked for others and what has failed, and to know how to properly start and use these treatments, and most importantly to give them HOPE."