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DR. Roni Yani has been practicing Chiropractic Since 2003. He Graduated from SCU with honors. He is dedicated to providing Specialized Chiropractic services to Patients with Autism and Epilepsy and Other neurological conditions in hopes of improving their quality of life. He also has years of experience using state of the art natural pain relief treatments, coupled with education about how to stay out of pain. Dr. Yani is also a member of the International Chiropractic Association. In addition Dr. Yani has attended courses and been trained and certified in the Anat Baniel Method of NeruoMovement. In simplest terms, a subluxation (a.k.a. Vertebral Subluxation) is when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves. Spinal nerves are the nerves that come out from between each of the bones in your spine. This pressure or irritation on the nerves then causes those nerves to malfunction and interfere with the signals traveling over those nerves to the brain.How does this affect you? Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If you interfere with the signals traveling over nerves, parts of your body will not get the proper nerve messages and will not be able to function at 100% of their innate abilities. In other words, some part of your body will not be working properly. In our kids case the treatment is to most likely treat some or all of the neurological or behavioral symptoms like seizures or aggression and hyperactivity etc. The Chiropractor at our clinic Dr. Roni Yani DC has special training in this area and a passion to help patients with neurological conditions. It is the responsibility of the Doctor of Chiropractic to locate subluxations, and reduce or correct them. This is done through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be the experts at correcting subluxations.

Anat Banial:  The Anat Baniel Method uses NeuroMovement to help you gain greater health, flexibility, strength & vitality, no matter your age or physical condition.

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