Nigella Sativa Oil

Nigella Sativa Oil
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Nigella Sativa Oil (Black Cumin Seed Oil - Kalonji) it is considered as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine. It has been widely used as Anti-Convulsive, anti-hypertensive, liver tonics, diuretics, digestive, anti-diarrhea, appetite stimulant, analgesics, anti-bacterial and in skin disorders. Extensive studies on N. sativa have been carried out by various researchers and a wide spectrum of its pharmacological actions have been explored which may include anti-diabetic, anticancer, immunomodulator, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, bronchodilator, hepato-protective, renal protective, gastro-protective, antioxidant properties, etc.Due to its miraculous power of healing, N. sativa has got the place among the top ranked evidence based herbal medicines. This is also revealed that most of the therapeutic properties of this plant are due to the presence of thymoquinone which is major bio-active component of the essential oil. Whole oil from NS seeds has been shown to have analgesic, antidepressant and central nervous system (CNS) sedative activity in experimental animals. Literature has indicated that the whole oil from black seeds is effective against PTZ-induced kindling in mice. Some other studies have pointed out that the treatment of mice with thymoquinone reduced the duration of myoclonic seizures and effectively protected the mice from mortality.
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